The Effective Selling Chapter Insights Discovery®


Effective Selling: this chapter isn’t just for those who work in a sales environment. This chapter is versatile and helps people understand how they might connect better with key stakeholders, internal departments and providers in a supply chain. The Effective selling chapter describes the individual’s strengths and weaknesses in 6 stages:
• Before the interaction takes place
• Identifying the needs of the interaction
• Proposing a solution
• Dealing with resistance
• Getting commitment
• Following up and following through

This chapter also gives a graphical interpretation of where on a scale of greatness identified by Insights Discovery the individual’s self perception sits in 24 skills split between each of the 6 stages – it’s great for mentoring and coaching!

To purchase the Effective Selling Chapter, it is necessary to purchase the Foundation chapter.

It does NOT require RE-TAKING the test. The chapter is based on the results of the Foundation chapter.