The Transformational Leadership Profile Insights Discovery®


The Transformational Leadership profile takes a multidimensional approach to developing leaders, helping them make dramatic and sustainable improvements to their effectiveness, at the individual, team, and organizational level.

Insights Transformational Leadership is designed to improve leadership capabilities across a wide spectrum of levels in an organisation. This provides one common and aligned framework for leadership development throughout the organisation.

Experience shows that leadership models are only truly effective when they are deeply embedded into the fabric of the organisation and become an integral part of a leader’s day-to-day business. The Insights Transformational Leadership model can be customized to align with an organisation’s leadership philosophy and framework and to complement existing people development processes, bringing a company’s key performance indicators to life compellingly and practically.

No change is possible without winning the hearts and minds of each leader. Insights, through the Insights Transformational Leadership approach, help leaders make improvements in areas of challenge or stretch, but the primary focus is on the areas of strength and how to leverage that capacity further. Leaders are inspired to pay attention to what is already working for them and to make this even better.

This Insights Discovery Transformational Leadership Profile explores how one’s leadership capabilities are impacted by psychological preferences. It will enable anyone to research how his unique Insights Discovery colour energy mix creates both strengths and challenges in his approach to leadership.

The Insights Transformational leadership model comprises eight dimensions of leadership. Each of these dimensions is underpinned by five leadership facets.

Agile Thinking – Engaging different thinking modes

Leading from Within – Raising self-awareness and living your values

Facilitating Development – Nurturing the growth of self and others

Fostering Teamwork – Collaborating to build effective relationships

Communicating with Impact – Inspiring and influencing with emotional awareness

Creating a Compelling Vision – Determining a winning direction

Leading Change – Initiating and directing transformation

Delivering Results – Honouring commitments and exceeding expectations

Each dimension requires all four Insights Discovery colour energies to be used effectively and may pull most strongly on one or, in some cases, two particular colour energies.

For example, although ‘Fostering Teamwork collaborating to build effective relationships’ draws particularly on Sunshine Yellow and Earth Green energy, if it is to be done to a high standard, it will be supported through a blend of all four of the colour energies. Fostering Teamwork, therefore, can be mastered by anyone, no matter what their colour energy preference, as can any of the other dimensions of leadership.

After detailing strengths and challenges linked to each of the eight dimensions, the profile offers some recommendations and poses questions f to explore further in this area

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