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Christophe Martinot

Christophe Martinot

Christophe Martinot

Christophe is a former executive, an accomplished Marketer, and a convinced Agile Way of Working promoter.

His professional portfolio involves working in companies in FMCG (L’Oréal, Danone), pharma (Sanofi, Lundbeck, Novo Nordisk,…), and medical devices (Abbott) global marketing, and corporate communications company (Omnicom), with leadership positions within the marketing and sales teams locally and internationally. Currently, he contributes to several companies in the USA, UK, and Spain providing strategic support. Christophe is passionate about continuous improvement and constantly searching for more efficiency.

He complemented his marketing skills with formal Agile project management training and practice.  In addition to being certified as a Scrum Master (Scrum Alliance), Lean Change Management Explorer, Voyager and Agile Explorer (LCM), Heart of Agile Essentials (Level A), Agile marketing (ICP MKTG), Agile Leadership (ICP-LEA), Enterprise Agility (ICP-ENT), Coaching Agile Transformation (ICP-CAT) he is also a certified ICP-MKG and ICP-LEA instructor.

He is also teaching Agile Way of Working in master’s programs at Instituto Europeo de Diseño (IED) and ESEI Business School and is a guest professor at ESADE Business School

Christophe is a member of the global leadership group for the drafting of version 2 of the Agile Marketing Manifesto.

He is the co-author of the Agile Customer Centricity Manifesto and co-initiator of the Business Agility Hub

He strongly believes in the benefits of using Agile; including improved time to market, optimized team operations, and more importantly, improved customer experience. His mission is to support teams looking for greater efficiency using Agile project management frameworks. to assist people and organizations in a transformation towards a new paradigm, authentically people-centered, sustainable, and with a raison d’être beyond generating profit. 

Christophe has a university degree in Law from UCL (Belgium), a Marketing master’s degree from ESADE (Barcelona – Spain), and an MBA from Louvain School of Management (Belgium).  He also had the opportunity to take part in Omnicom University’s Advanced Management Program (AMP), the acclaimed leadership development course run by Omnicom Group Inc.

After several years of living in different countries (Chile, Spain, Denmark), he is currently living in beautiful Barcelona, Spain. He enjoys spending time with his family, practicing sports (skiing, padel tennis, diving, and trekking), traveling, and reading. He and his family are also very much committed to volunteering for Nuestros Pequeños Hermanos.

He works in English, French, and Spanish.